Director’s Notes on Haring +UBU-L

“Theater as a construct presents its superficiality, its raw physicality and does not conceal its material reality. For it is their minds (the audience’s), their fetishes, their context, that will fill the gaps of how they want to perceive/take stage realities. Then remind them that these are just constructs and that the power of imagination will persist, insist, even under the destruction of a prop, bursting of a costume, break on the archetypal characters they wanted to escape with. Then they will feel guilt, they will feel anger, they will feel pleasure, they will feel disgust. They will feel. They will begin to feel. And think about their comforts and discomforts which they can not escape from. Even in their own imagination. We don’t offer escapes, we impose confrontations.” Anicoche, March 2010. Post Haring +ubuL.

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