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A “gym for the heart”, the Sipat Lawin curriculum uses a new holistic orientation in theater-making. The focus is on honing directors and actors/individuals as effective communicators and responsible pro-active social beings.

Classes will explore new approaches in performance that have never been offered in traditional theater workshops. In line with the Ensemble’s goal to create a community thriving in creative collaboration, courses are open to anyone interested in dynamic theater-making.

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  • All courses are available in specialized programs for Children (4yo-7yo and 8yo-12yo), Teens (13yo -17yo) and Adults (18yo and above).
  • Full course of 15 sessions and Short course of 1-3 sessions are offered. NOTE: 3-4hrs per session.

a. F(L)IGHT Club: Actor’s Garage [theater/acting]

Performance class for actors. F(L)IGHT Club: Actor’s Garage includes sessions on acting techniques, vocal techniques, body work, script-analysis, introduction to Viewpoints and Grotowski work as practiced by the Ensemble, and devise-work processes.

The course is a platform for students to express one’s self, build confidence, improve language and kinesthetic skills, and empower participants through their creative potentials.

b. Directing Laboratory

A course for aspiring theater-makers, the workshop focuses on script analysis, rehearsal and performance techniques for conventional and unconventional spaces from classical to experimental pieces.

The Laboratory is a platform for directors to discover new styles and techniques while developing an in-depth understanding of theater’s collaborative process.

c. Specialized Courses

i. Storytelling Adventure

Bring out the storyteller in you! The Storyteller’s Adventure Workshop aims to develop strategies towards efficient communication, personality development, public speaking, and character building. Engage your audiences with your ideas, pitch or concept! This course is ideal for educators and corporate professionals.

ii. Ensemble-Work Team Building Workshop

Transforming individuals into creative facilitators, corporate leaders, and effective team players, this program offers tools for team building. The essence of theater ensemble work is applied to cater specific needs of specific groups (students, educators, corporate representatives, parents, care-givers, call center agents etc.).

iii. Performance Coaching

The difference between ordinary and extra-ordinary is the little extra! Add extra effort! Aim for fun! Strive for excellence! We offer you excellent professional one-on-one and group coaching, choreography and/or direction in all forms of performances (storytelling, declamation, oration, musical numbers, dance, etc.). Specialized sessions and teachers are here to meet your specific needs.


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